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Smart lending decisions begin with accurate information – the type of Intelligent Insight Credit Plus has been providing since 1928. Today, Credit Plus has an extensive information services line, more than 160 products strong, all designed to help you get the data you need to make informed lending decisions.

Get discounts on credit report pulls

Credit reports cost less when you use Credit Plus. Our relationship with Credit Plus allows our brokers to receive Cornerstone preferred vendor pricing with the confidence of knowing we will not pull another credit report! No need to worry about your applicant's score dropping! Plus you can add or drop a borrower and still reissue the same report for up to 120 days.

When you pull credit reports through Credit Plus you get:
Tri-Merge Credit Reports – Easy to read and available in a variety of formats.

Credit Radar™ At-A-Glance Credit Report Cover Page – Identifies immediate issues that can slow down the approval process. For example, tradeline disputes can be identified in the initial credit file and addressed prior to underwriting.

Rapid Rescoring – Enables Credit Plus to update credit information with the three national repositories in 5-7 business days. Credit Plus will forward documents supplied by your borrower directly to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian for rush investigation.

Online supplements and instant notification when completed.

Easily order 4506-T Reports

Tax Return Verifications help prevent mortgage fraud by verifying the applicant's income with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Easily verify Social Security Numbers

Complete an SSA-89 form and we will verify an applicant's Social Security number matches the name on file at the Social Security Administration.

Easily determine Flood Zones

Flood zone determination reports are continually updated with the latest Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) data.

Easily catch invalid information through FraudPlus

In today’s lending environment, with strict regulations and new penalties, you want to know that the information provided by applicants is accurate. FraudPlus identifies risk, fraud, and errors so you can feel comfortable with your lending decisions and confident you are in compliance with regulations.


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